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MitchellChu 2013-07-05 万象漫谈

分享两首我比较喜欢的两首歌,这Music有点老~ 第一首是Beyonce的IF I WERE A BOY 附送上歌词 If I were a boy 如果我是个男孩 Even just for a day 就算只是一天 I' roll out of bed in the morning 早上起床后 And throw on what I wanted and go 穿上我想穿的衣服就出门 Drink beer with the guys 和哥儿们喝点小酒 And chase after girls 和美女打情骂俏 I'd kick it with who I wanted 看到谁不顺眼就扁 And I'd ever get confronted for it 反正不用负责 Because they'd stick up for me 因为哥儿们会掩护我 If I were a boy 如果我是个男孩 I think I could understand 我想我可以了解 How it feels to love a girl 要怎样去爱一个女孩 I swear I'd be a better man 我发誓我可以是个好男人 I'd listen to...